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  • DESIGN 21 unveils the new face of UNESCO's DREAM Center.

    December 17, 2009


    The results from our ‘Mark of Dreams’ Logo Competition.

    Back in August, we asked designers to enter their ideas for an original, inspiring, and universal logo for UNESCO’s DREAM Center program, which brings arts education to underprivileged children around the world. Emerging from a field of over 1000 entries, LA-based graphic designer Jonathan Schute is the Overall Winner of our Mark of Dreams Competition.

    The Mark of Dreams Competition was created to help raise the visibility of UNESCO’s DREAM Center program. DESIGN 21's global community of talented and socially conscious designers were invited to design a logo that embodies the spirit and international scope of the DREAM Center. The directors and organizers of the DREAM Center program, along with DESIGN 21 Advisory Board members Omar Vulpinari (Italy) and Halim Choueiry (Lebanon), were responsible for judging the competition – reviewing 1,165 entries from 80 countries. The Overall Winner was awarded $3,000 in exchange for the rights to the logo, which will be used in the program’s communication materials. Three Honorable Mentions and two Most Popular entries – tied in an online voting poll by DESIGN 21 members – were also named. According to DESIGN 21 Founder, Haruko Smith, “The level of interest and thoughtful comments that accompanied the designs were heartwarming.”

    Overall Winner

    Name: Jonathan Schute Design: “DREAM Center” Country: USA

    Los Angeles-based graphic designer, Jonathan Schute, was selected as the Overall Winner for his “DREAM Center” design. He is a RISD graduate, an active member of DESIGN 21 and a previous Judge’s Pick for the Language Matters! Competition. Explaining his entry, Schute wrote, “I think it is crucial to provide artistic outlets that encourage children to express their creativity and my logo attempts to capture just that: The act of self expression.” Representatives from the DREAM Center felt his logo “shows children's active participation in what the DREAM Centers represent. Also, the fact that the child is stretching up to paint can also be seen as a metaphor for how the DREAM centers help stretch the horizons and the creativity of children, helping them develop their creativity and reach out for and try new forms of expression."

    Most Popular

    Name: Fahrettin Tasdelen Design: “Growing Dreams” Country: Turkey

    Turkish designer, Fahrettin Tasdelen, understands that every child has dreams, which is reflected in his design, “Growing Dreams.” Featuring a tree comprised of two hands underneath a canopy of stars, his logo represents children reaching for their dreams, which may change or grow on a day-to-day basis. His design was chosen as one of the two Most Popular entries.

    Name: Vinu Chaitanya Design: “Multi Colored Dreams” Country: India

    Taking a similar approach, Vinu Chaitanya’s DREAM Center logo features a star crafted from an array of colorful circles – depicting the many creative dreams, hopes and wishes that children around the world have. The placement of the circles and color palette of the star bring a dreamy and magical quality to the image, which appeals to children. “Multi Colored Dreams” was also named the Most Popular design.

    Honorable Mentions

    Name: Kamil Pawlik Design: “Let’s dream a dream” Country: Poland

    Kamil Pawlik received an Honorable Mention for his heavily symbolic design “Let’s dream a dream.” The logo is based on a series of circles, which represent a single act, thought, idea, piece of art or expression. They differ in size just like our dreams differ in importance, with the biggest dots concentrated in the center where the thinking process starts and is most intensive. Meanwhile, the wide range of colors reflects the diversity of people’s thinking. According to D21 judge Halim Choueiry, “The concept and treatment of the identity is well carried out and illustrates in an abstract manner the idea of freedom of dreaming.”

    Name: Chris Wharton Design: “Playful” Country: United Kingdom

    The concept of Chris Wharton’s “Playful” design is based on an informal human approach to branding. Rather than using sharp and crisp devices, the forms are playful, colorful and convey a sense of childish spirit. DESIGN 21 Advisory Board member Omar Vulpinari was impressed with the way “the DREAM Center is first in the child’s mind.”

    Name: Ana Lukenda Design: “cloud” Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina.

    Ana Lukenda received an Honorable Mention for her logo design “Cloud.” Highlighting the center’s mission of stimulating creativity and building self-esteem, she utilized cloud illustrations to represent a form of desire and a need for expression. She also included the DREAM acronym (Dance, Read, Express, Art, Music) to highlight the various creative programs offered at each center. According to UNESCO, “The vibrant colors and free-form of the shapes inspire a sense of freedom to dream and create. The overlapping colors giving way to new colors also can be seen as a metaphor: the mixing of different kinds of expression and creativity can give rise to entirely new forms of creativity."

    Stay tuned for our next Competition to be launched in January 2010.