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Poverty, Peace, Communication

Create4theUN - United Nations European Ad Competition

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Daniel Pipitone

Daniel Pipitone

Pittsburgh, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Design. Change. Impact..

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Our commitment to improving life through social design has been with us since the beginning. This is who we are and why we’re here.

  • We're in the NEW York 100!

    July 15, 2009


    DESIGN 21 has been selected to be part of The NEW York 100!

    Launched by All Day Buffet, The NEW York 100 highlights 100 of the most innovative, rule- breaking, model-changing ideas to come out of the Big Apple.

    All Day Buffet connects, develops and launches purpose-driven ventures with the goal of bringing together creative, social and business worlds. The NEW York 100 is a way to share, support and draw greater attention to these endeavors.

    Why? The world is reeling from the fallout of the financial crisis and current recession and the foundations of New York's stronghold have been called into question. But these times of crisis offer huge opportunities to change the foundations of how we do everything from business, to education and even eating out. Call it social innovation, intelligent capitalism, idealistic enterprise: All Day Buffet is turning the spot light on some of the most creative, resourceful, and innovative people, companies and movements in New York. All rebuilding the city better and brighter and recreating the way we understand the world.

    To check out the list, you can visit