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  • Furoshiki Winner Announced!

    April 21, 2008


    Trent Nathan of Sydney, Australia, has won the Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki" Challenge!

    Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is often used to carry things – it is the oldest "eco-bag" but many have used it for gift-wrapping, interior decorating and other purposes.

    This Challenge calls for a design for a furoshiki cloth that commemorates the 2008 G8 Environment Ministers Meeting taking place in Kobe in May (prior to the G8 Summit in Japan).

    The organizers of the Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki" Challenge and DESIGN 21 would like to thank all those who entered this inaugural Challenge. In all, there were 157 entries from 35 countries.

    In commenting on the winning entry, the judging panel from Felissimo and the City of Kobe, said: "This design captures the essence and significance of the event that is held in Japan in a beautifully simple (yet deep) and traditional (yet modern) way. Ichimatsu is a traditional Japanese textile pattern. Groups of pine trees create a checker pattern, suggesting that the nature (represented by pine trees) and developed land (represented by whiteness) co-exist in perfect balance to create a beautiful pattern. Upon closer inspection, one sees that each checker has its own unique size and uneven lines, but together, the checkers produce an orderly world, bordering, surrounding, and protecting each other. The world's eyes are upon the results of the G8 Environmental Ministers Meeting in Kobe, in pursuit of such a world."

    Kobe-based company Felissimo will be producing Trent's winning furoshiki, and donate 1000 to the City of Kobe, the host of the Environment Ministers Meeting. The cloth will be presented to all delegates at the Meeting as well as to media and those involved in the organization of the event. Jansen also receives $2,500 in prize money.