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  • Networking News

    January 28, 2008

    DESIGN 21 aims to connect people who want to use the power of design to create change. One by one, individuals and organizations on DESIGN 21 are getting in touch and looking for ways to work together. Here for example, Kathy Kelly, Managing Director of the non-profit Global Action Foundation, shares some of the recent connections being made between her organization and DESIGN 21 members:

    I've found the Wishlist section of DESIGN 21 very helpful; I have posted three "wishes" and received offers of help from India, Philadelphia and Chicago. I am pursuing each of the members who responded and trying to work out a relationship that is mutually productive.

    David Oberholtzer has offered to help re-brand our organization. He wants to act as our Art Director for our website as well.

    Emily Miller, a student in Chicago, has offered graphic arts help. I hope to enlist her help to create the graphic design template for our website and work in tandem with David.

    Katie Howe of Fortune Small Business magazine has offered to help with a Sarah Bones photographic exhibit. Katie tells me that she will first approach Nikon, the camera Sarah uses, for a grant for the exhibition.

    Gurpreet Singh, an NID graduate with graphic design background has also offered to help as a communication designer. He has also made two documentaries that have been shown in the US and India in 2005.

    Jaimie Sarrault from the University of Michigan is an Industrial and Operations Engineer student offering help this summer. I hope to enlist her/his help in organizing the ftp server information.

    I will be posting a request for public relations/media help. We now have a Winter Newsletter, a business plan and a new press release. We need help with sending out press releases and following up.

    I deeply appreciate the ability DESIGN 21 has given us to seek help achieving our goals. Our membership has proven a strong value to me and to Global Action. Thank you for everything!

    • Kathy Kelly, Managing Director, Global Action Foundation