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No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment

No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment

Education, Environment, Arts & Culture

No.9 produces public cultural projects and outreach educational programs that engage and bring awareness to our most pressing environmental issues

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Meena Kadri

Meena Kadri

Wellington, New Zealand

Cross-pollinator at OpenIDEO + Consultant at Random Specific

When you go to the fountain of knowledge... do you drink or just gargle?.

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  • Amen

    December 21, 2007

    I read the same article and was equally moved. The need to return to our "root" meanings and clearly define both what we mean to say today as well as what we expect the outcome to be will help enormously. I for one am very tired of being swooned to by marketing-speak that clearly takes liberty with the language that under a truer definition would ultimately help the greater good.