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  • Judges' Picks Announced

    December 20, 2007

    We are pleased to announce the entries who were chosen by the "Stories from the Field" judges and DESIGN 21 to receive a share of the prize money. Judges selected their top choice from the finalists. $5,000 will be distributed among them. In addition five entries were selected by DESIGN 21 for Honorable Mention.


    Stories from the Field by Abi Huynh was selected by judges David Carlson and Jennifer Leonard as well as DESIGN 21. Since this entry was chosen three times, Abi Huynh receives $1,875.

    The following Judge's Picks all receive $625:

    Film Reel by Karsten Skjoldhoj (Denmark) chosen by Jacques Lange

    Stories from the Field by Stiff Rowlands (United Kingdom) chosen by Laetitia Wolff

    Stories from the Field by Mirjana Pavlovic (Serbia & Montenegro) chosen by Halim Choueiry

    United Effort, United Change by Yael Miller (USA) chosen by Mariana Amatullo

    Until then by Rita Moubarak (Lebanon) chosen by Omar Vulpinari


    DESIGN 21 selected five entries worthy of Honorable Mention:

    From dark to light by Fermín Zelada (Spain)

    Stories from the Field Logo by Giovanni Atalmi (United Kingdom)

    Little Bird by Jurate Veteikyte (Lithuania)

    Square with Filmstrip by David Mühlfeld (Netherlands)

    RGB by Goodmorning Technology (Denmark)


    The entry that received the highest vote during the one-week public voting period was Beyond the boundary by Yuko Inagaki (USA)

    To see all the choices, finalists, all entries and judges' comments click here DESIGN 21 would like to thank entrants and members for your feedback and patience while we worked to arrive at this conclusion. We would also like to thank the judges who helped us select these winners.