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No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment

No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment

Education, Environment, Arts & Culture

No.9 produces public cultural projects and outreach educational programs that engage and bring awareness to our most pressing environmental issues

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Dominic Muren

Dominic Muren

Seattle, United States

Designer (Product Design)

How do you teach industrial design in a post-industrial world?.

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Our commitment to improving life through social design has been with us since the beginning. This is who we are and why we’re here.

  • A New Message From DESIGN 21

    December 18, 2007

    Dear Members,

    Subsequent to my last posting, there was a very lively discussion on our website between our members as well as numerous email exchanges between them and myself. I have also sought advice from our Advisory Board, UNESCO and our legal counsel.

    With some variations, many people suggested the same course of action: to complete this competition in the most practical way possible and award the prize money, to honor and reward the efforts of the entrants. There are many ways to do this, but after much consideration we have decided to ask our judges to select their top choices. DESIGN 21 will also make our top choice. The $5000 prize money will be divided equally among them.

    We are moving as fast as we can, and hope to be able to announce the final results in the next day or two. Thank you for all those who gave us feedback and words of encouragement.

    Finally, a word regarding how we view the conduct of MCAI-NY. It seems apparent that their priority was different from ours at DESIGN 21, and we regret that they used our platform and the hard work of our members to garner a logo outside the agreed-upon parameters of the Competition. It was DESIGN 21's resources and goodwill that went into organizing and promoting this competition, and the prize money awarded is DESIGN 21's alone.

    We have hosted competitions with great success since 1995. In this case, however, we were unable to do so, despite our best efforts. We feel that MCAI-NY's conduct (or misconduct) is an affront to the integrity and structure of this competition, to all the designers who put so much time and energy into preparing their entries, and to the judging panel, none of whom was paid, yet who spent hours making selections.

    It is in the spirit of acknowledging these efforts that we make this announcement. Without you our community does not exist. And, we've made great many new friends through this bizarre incident! Life is so full of surprises, indeed.

    With much love and appreciation to you all,

    Haruko Smith


    DESIGN 21