STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Stories from the field

by miguel rodriguez

My logo identity is a reflection of the hard working and noble people which will be the protagonist of most of the features on the festival. The silhouette of the face is a reflection on all the millions of anonymous faces that make up most of the world and in need of help. The reels represent the investigative nature of the features show in the festival. The title is treated graciously with a hand done typeface. This treatment enhances the feeling of the logo as a portrait of the most needed. Is also a perfect companion for the semi-abstract shapes of the face. The color is emulates a terracotta red that symbolized the manual and farm labor of the people of the world.

The noble mission of this documentary must use the right visual element to portray and expose the festival to the media. As in today, media comprehend a wider scope. As a web designer, I understand the power of that new media has in disseminating event such as this one. My logo is a very versatile image because it has very distinctive shapes such the faces and the knocked out shapes of the movie reels. The title can also work by itself, but serve still connected to the icon since the virtual styles are so similar. The bar on the background can be modified to be used in print and web. The bar can change colors depending on the application of logo. It can also be used along with the head icon to include other information besides the title of the festival.

It is a pleasure to be involved in such a great cause, As an avid movie fan, I will not be missing the incredible documentaries the festival will present.