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everything under the sun.... logo design 1

by raj sekaran


I believe that, the documentaries are all about ‘showing the reality just as it is’. that being core idea, I have taken Sun (our ultimate source of all the energies) and Shadow ( which is our real self but in grey, though it is just us, but still it forms in different angles according to the light) as the metaphors for the Icon.

Film Wheel, one of the basic symbol for film tools, divided in 8 triangles (referring to, UN’s 8 millennium development goals) having the privilege to absorb and reflect the realities from the world, through its means. (Wheel - also referring to the symbol of Progress)

Film Roles or Ladders from different sizes, places (referring to, addressing different issues in different levels)

Ground Shadow with White Light in middle (referring that, the films that are made to expose the truth, the whiteness, to the very place where it comes from) also, the shadow creates the feeling of Depth of Field.


Film Wheel – Yellow (color of Sun, for the power, movements referring to the motion pictures, it is the colors sun light that reaches all over the world and lets anyone to see anything..!! )

Film Role or Ladder – Red (color of blood- symbol of life, power, boldness, to STOP for the Danger, also the longest wavelengths of light discernible by the human eye) mainly it also symbolises that the real life facts are taken and shown.

Ground Shadow – blurred grey with light in the middle (referring to the Art of light, created by the light and object, which is continuously changing according the nature of light and materials)

White encircle, in the middle of the shadow – White (referring to light, disciples the darkness or exposes the things)