STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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by Dp0317_phil

My logo represents what I believe a film documentary should be about, FOCUS.
There are two components to my logo the swirl of film which I interpret as the eye, and the combination of eight individuals and globe which i want to be interpreted as the Pupil of the eye.
The "Eye" is symbol for the Film festival.
The "Pupil" symbolizes the issues of what the film festival is about. the Eight Millenium Development goals, which are represented by the Eight human forms. Shoulder to shoulder, because I see these goals as of equal importance. And the globe, which means that these goals affect each and everyone of us. And that 'Stories from the field" are taken from the globe, which the film makers wants to show and wants us to "FOCUS" on.
This I think what a logo for the Film festival should represent.