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Seeds of Growth

by Andrea-Ines Orvik

All 8 UN Millennium Development Goals could be simpified into two main areas: Equality & Development. The latter cannot happen successfully without the former. When the playing fields are leveled and all have equal access to good health (minimal poverty, hunger, diseases, unnecessary mortalities), then a society can move forward, growing sustainably through education & communication.
I first combined part of the leafed image of the well-established and recognized UN logo with the 'eye' concept from Media Communications Assc. Int'l; then I introduced a third concept: "growth > development > renewal" via the seedling within the growing plant shoot.
The filmstrip reel is both the iris of the human eye--the key behind capturing stories on film and taking in the message through viewing them--and a 'seedling' emerging from the new growth of a well-rooted life-force.
The multiple screened-back leaves at the base of the plant suggest many types of growth and stories to be told, but also implant a mental image of a book with many leaves underscoring the importance of education.
I chose the typeface American Typewriter as it evokes a sense of truth behind the words "Stories From The Field" - hinting at the non-fiction/journalistic aspect of the documentary genre.
The single color chosen is green representing both 'growth' and environmental sustainability. [+ Printing costs are reduced with one color with black at various screens.]
Finally, in the shorter logo versions (I've a full logo, short logo, & an abbreviated logo) the 'S' hiding in the leaf image is intended to suggest that the stories of human achievement from developing nations are rarely apparent to those in 1st world countries, yet, though hidden, the telling of these stories by filmmakers (and UN organizations), is essential work that needs to be recognized and seen by all.