STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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by Melanie Trucco
Co-authors: Giacomo Nencioni, Claudia Genzano

The aim of our project was to create something understandable from as more cultures, people and languages as possible. Something that could be really global, and universal.
No wonder, then, that we chose the earth as the main image of our logo, as one of the most important goal of the film festival is to show the ordinary life of millions of people living and working all around the globe. To shed a light on these parts of the world.
We decided to make an old Super8 camera shed this light on the “fields”, as a symbol of the entire history of documentary, of the chance for everyone to represent a part of his world.
In the logo our camera displays his film all over the globe.
What we can see in the lightened photograms are two significant examples of the UN millennium development goals: eradication of hunger and universal primary education, represented through the most elementary symbols. A man bringing food and water, reminding also the image of a balance, icon of justice, and a child receiving a letter, meaning education in the most wide sense.