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Eight MDG’s

by Himanshu Mishra
Co-authors: Mona Sharma

The arrows directed towards the globe represent the eight MDGs which intend to make the earth as beautiful and lovely as a flower. The colours of the eight arrows are representative of the eight MDGs in clockwise order are as follows –

Brown: Symbolizing efforts to eradicate Poverty and Hunger
Yellow: The colour of sunshine, symbolizing Education and Knowledge for all
Grey: A neutral colour, with half black and half white, indicating Equality of Gender
Pink: Represents the health of a child and the goal to reduce Child Mortality
Green: Represents fertility and good Maternal Health
Red: Represents the fight against Diseases
Bright green: Represents the color of healthy natural environment for Sustainable Future
Blue: Represents the openness of sky and seas, indicating the Global Partnership and coming together across the seas