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Show Up

by Samuel Rault

As "Stories from the Field" Film Festival is a social worldwide connection, a link between actor and spectator, "Show Up" is a will of exhibition and discovery based on a global-enhancing. "Show Up" pushes aside the differences in order to reveal people to people, to provide (better) communication in the purpose of a continual fight against unfairness

Graphic technicality and symbolism:

- Square background: singular coloured part of the Icon.
Symbol: many colours as many different cultures, civilization, places of birth, behaviours…

- Vegetation: black leaves.
Symbol: borders, fences, separations… between worldwide cultures, inhabitants.

- Hands: white lines.
Symbol: hard fingers of worker hands. White colour in association with peace and freedom.

- Face: white silhouette, transparent background.
Symbol: white because the full body is associated to peace and freedom / Colour of background, colour of spirit, undefined: men's spirit related to culture, civilization, place of birth, behaviours…

- Eyes: Black eyes, White reflect.
Symbol: big eyes looking far forward, expressing aspiration and will of enhance.

General' symbol: "Show Up" is a connection, a breaking borders sign, an invitation to discover world wide differences in a purpose of global life's improvement