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Stories from the Filed: Graphic Signature and its Context

by Adelaida Mejia

“Stories from the Field: The United Nations Documentary Film Festival”
The Festival’s logo is the symbol representing its content and values. From an anthropological point of view, documentary films often explore physical or interpretive interactions that are unique to a field. Each story has a unique context, its field. I am working with connotative and denotative aspects of the word ‘field.’ Connotatively, it could mean a specific or defined space physical or not, denotatively an expanse. ‘Field’ could be interpreted as an area or subject of study, or as a physical place. In both instances, field could mean a sort of opening.
For the logo design of “Stories from the Field,” I am depicting the field as a physical space to express locality. By placing importance on the word ‘field’ and portraying a space, whatever story is depicted within it can be understood as having a sense of place, of belonging to a specific place. The acronym SFTF, is interspersed on the depicted ‘field’ signifying the elements that are woven from seemingly disparate parts and later on acquiring meaning as they come together into a story. The acronym sits on the field of a movie frame, a still. The still has some hand made aspects to show the involvement of the human hand because the stories are about our world.
The logo works in two ways with long and short versions of the title. However the mark itself could work alone in specific instances. The Stories from the Field Logo works to address the different needs that the organization may have to identify itself either online, print media, or in many other applications that may be necessary in terms of legibility, area of impact and graphic strength.