STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details

8 keys for a better world


My Brand Identity Strategy

Objective # 1: Ignite “Festival’s Persona” with following brand’s attributes:

Clarity (business nature)
Meaningful (contents)
Inspirational (vision)
Distinctive (build brand awareness, recognition)
Stylized and World class (from New York)
Life cycle sustainability of 8 years (‘till 2015)
Graphic flexibility (brand extensions)

Objective # 2: Integrating in “one” iconic brandmark, majors Festival’s key components and commitments:

8 MDGs,
Year 2015,
An international film festival,
Spine by the United Nations guidance

The Logo

#1 - Researches revealed that the number “8” was a key:

8 MDGs
8 years from 2015
2008 (logo birth)
2+0+1+5 = 8 (numerology)

Choosed “8” as a “beacon” to drive creative process, no as a numerical marker.
2015 must remain sole date in mind (temporarily associated to festival’s year on some collateral).

#2 - What it is? – A Film Festival

Solution: Selected and designed as central graphic idea a:

“Slide” from a “film strip”

#3 - About what it is? – Global humanitarian, human right issues, more precisely – the 8 MDGs – countdown 2015 – The United Nations.

Solutions :Using “8 as driver”, the 8 MDGs have been graphically synthesized to become a:

“8 Fields landscape” (where Stories’ origins)

Fields melted architecture translates, that, humanitarian measures are not isolated actions, rather a chain reaction process with collateral repercussion.
The “colored mosaic” features “8 hues” of “one color”, refers to “UN’ blue” backstage orchestration.

- Have “federated” the 8 MDGs around a single, “encapsulated” in design, powerful element a:

"Subliminal Equal symbol”

Equal globally translates UN’s actions to fight for more “Equality” in humans’ life and rights, no matter gender, age, origins..

-Target date 2015 is positioned in last slide's hook. The design represents the time scale:

“Ladder” up to 2015 countdown


Low cost 2 color design.