STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Rays of Hope

by bluesea

I wanted to create a logo that communicates hope, embodies optimism, and conveys strength of purpose.

Structurally, the completed logo is composed of organic petal forms. The petals are divided into 8 central buds together with 16 protective tepals. The buds correspond to the goals, while the tepals mark a place for the time span assigned to fulfill the Millennium Challenge (sixteen years: 2000-2015).

The logo is set against three square, deep blue-green backdrops so that it may be read as rays of hope. The three equally spaced squares simply allude to the nature of the logo: a film festival.

Surfacing to the right is the festival title, Stories from the Field , spanning over the gaps between the squares to represent the human spirit prevailing over obstacles and boundaries. And the title’s font is a free form writing expressing the individual contact and personal interaction needed to do this work.

The tag: United Nations Documentary Film Festival and a date may be added. Space can also be made for a local host organization to place their appellation.

The derivation of the logo began by studying the geometry in the UN Emblem. Taking one of the bud-like tips of the olive wreath from the official Emblem of the United Nations, then simplifying it and abstracting it, I then organized the form to branch radially outwards expressing the energy needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and the knowledge passed on at the film festival.

At the same time, this external energy is focused inwards at a centre point, concentrating towards a moment in time, and converging on a gathering place dedicated to reflection on present work and discussion of future endeavors: The Stories from the Field Film Festival.