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Global Framework

by MsLiteBrite

i began with a world that had a humanly form to represent the land; The concept behind that was to veer away from the constraints of representational approaches of depicting land and build on the idea that all the world's land was shared and people need to embrace global camaraderie. I also made a conscious decision to make the form genderless and ethnically ambiguous to embody the idea of equality and one overall humankind- a literal "global human[itarian]". I chose to use vibrant green land/person as an indicator of hope for vitality, good health, and fortune, but it also carries over to the idea of environmental resourcefulness when accompanied by the brilliant blue water. The frame of film used to border the world went with the idea of documentaries and a play on the idea of a new "frame of thinking" or "global framework" they reflect as they address The Millennium Development Goals.