STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details

8 goals, 8 Sides, 1 world

by Adrian Stott
Co-authors: Trevor Brennan, John Yanny, Lloyd Vicencio

Multiple sides to every story and many stories to be told…
Every person’s life tells their story and every story is connected to yet another story.

This logo symbolises the many sides to every story and as the plot unfolds so does the logo.
Each panel is an equilateral triangle, perfectly balanced and representative of the UN belief that all people are of equal weight, and the organisations ability to be the crucial link and liaison between two parties during a crisis or conflict. Each panel also represents individual goals and individual documentaries. When the panels are joined together they create an object greater than it’s individual components, an object that is three dimensional and solid – a concept that mirrors how many nations come together to form the United Nations.

The 8 pledges run the circumference of the final shape – which is representative of the globe, as well as the combination of the many films to create one festival.

Useful for packaging and promotional material, as well as supers and title intro’s for films.
The logo is one colour, namely the United Nations Blue –
this represents the festivals link to the United Nations as well as having the recognisability the colour carries.

Being one colour the Logo will be easy and economical to reproduce.