STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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by Vipul Vikash

For me when the sentence “Stories from the Field” struck, it didn’t take me long
to bring some components together to create something which as a whole is a simple
symbol- a human being.

The dot which we see as the human head signifies the seed or source of creation, like the third eye- a reminder to use & cultivate one’s true vision to perceive & understand life’s
inner workings.

Whereas the arrow (which represents the body) indicates – stories from the field, a median for conveying, sharing great ideas & messages. It penetrates the darkness of ignorance to find its light.

The colors which are used are red & black. Red universally has a festive appeal. It’s liveliness is something which is hard to ignore. Black being a neutral color but it enhances the red & quietly holds up the message.

So with my inspiration from all these symbols it was easier to create a human form indicating coming together to celebrate something by sharing what little one learns in life.