STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details

The Millennium Stamp

by stephane bee
Co-authors: Todd Kyle Scott

The challenge presented by The United Nations Documentary Film Festival: Stories From the Field Logo Competition is to combine the global focus and aims of the United Nations within a logo that clearly represents the ideal of a film festival.

To represent the concept of a "film festival" with a "global focus" we developed a logo around the concept of a Postal Stamp. A Postage Stamp represents global access, travel and communication. Collected by people of all ages, from all over the globe, for hundreds of years, the postage stamp is an icon that is both universally recognized and loved.

Our logo features a "film reel" with The United Nations logo embossed on the outer lid of the canister, an obvious reference to the nature of the festival and its sponsor.

The second major element of the logo is the "faux validation stamp." It represents travel, fieldwork and mission work. The wavy lines, a traditional element of validation stamps, suggest motion and bring dynamic energy to the design of the logo. The circle, also a traditional element of a validation stamp, highlights the name of the festival "Stories From the Field."

The last element, an airplane combined with the year 2008, is both a playful reference and reminder of the global purpose of the film festival and reference to the traditional location of the price of the stamp; the price being replaced by the year of the film festival.

Our logo is not only playful and fun but it represents the global focus and mission of the United Nations Documentary Film Festival. The lines of our logo are clean. The elements are simple, graphically strong and easy to implement across a variety of print and online media.