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Become One

by nutropicx
Co-authors: Adriana Lodolo

Human nature, curiosity, caring about the others, compromise. These are issues that inspire and move the documentarist to create new contents by listening the voices of those who can’t speak or are forbidden to. Learning on the field, compiling stories and making them public are the wishes of those who feel the need of participating in the construction of a better world. Their urge for these stories to be learned and that distant realities get closer becomes the core of their reflections. Subject and object become one. Differences fade away. Filmmaker becomes responsible of the diffusion of the apprehended realities.

In order to represent the humanitarian nature of The United Nations Documentary Film Festival, we developed a raw, bold, and handcrafted aestetic for the logo. We wanted to translate to images the communion between object and subject that exists in the social documentary. Some shapes simulate a piece of film -or an exclamation mark that claims for attention- and includes the human imprint either by the addition of hands or by its representation through the strong and organic typeface.

We want these filmmakers to raise their voices, we want to hear what they have learned. Specially, we need these realities to be known all over the world in order to act consequently to a better future.