STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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A new logo to the festival

by patty_lindo

This is a logo that express the essence and significance of this Festival. Further than the esthetic shapes that preserve a perfect visual unity and balance, this logo make focus in communicate a message and concept that transcends the mere denomination label.
This logo takes the image of the world as the start point of the isologo and mix it with a universal element of cinematographic identification: a clapperboard. This two elements join each other integrating themselves with the lead text, conforming a piece that stands in the space supported by it’s description.
This logo speaks of the festival not only as a movie projection, but as a complex event that involve life experiences and personal stories from a world that open up to show –through films- his essence: the humanity. The world it’s filmed and the world presents him as each of the persons and nations that take contact with the festival. Stories from the Field shows the world to the world.

These images shows the logotype in short and full version, monocromy and a version on a color background.