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Logo for The United Nations Documentary Film Festival

by Darya Zaitsava


The logo presents by three ryes in three different colors united by the film stripe. Each color represents one of the Millennium Goals. The orange represents the warm, energy and happiness, which mean that UNO will help to bring in every need home the warmth, happiness and food. This will reduce amount of poverty, mortality and hunger.
The green is the color of growth, environment and health. This mean that trough the festival people all over the world will get messages and will help to ensure environmental problems, fight against diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and other.
The blue color is the color of peace, education and hope, which represent the following goals: achieve universal primary education, promote gender quality and empower of women.
The film stripe represents the development of a global partnership for development. The amount of ryes is three, which is symbolizing a lucky number for this campaign. These three rye themselves is the harvest of the festival and all job that was done by UNO members.

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