STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details

Daybreak on a New Focus

by Candace Sepulis
Co-authors: Jenn L. Harris


- The green elements depict a rising sun, as a focal light on the people and communities that are represented through the documentaries’ stories; it is shaded green to represent the growth and change that is possible because of the sharing of these stories and accounts.

- The logo can also be understood as the world, circular and connected, if used without the bottom additional design element of a shimmering field.

- The optional design element as the aspect of sunlit earth serves as a base from which the stories/documentaries grow – while undistinguishable in region, it reinforces the importance of connecting stories from all over both the global South and the North, and the interactions between peoples and communities all over the world through the UN film festival. This additional element can be used for letterhead, banner or in advertisements.