STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Together we are, together we can.

by Aarti Kandhari

A girl and a boy holding a windmill standing on a film reel with the film roll behind them.

What the logo captures:

* Windmill: Symbolizes power generation.

* Multiple colors in the windmill: Race and cultural equality - We are one.

* Children: Mankind's future, our planet's future - What kind of Earth will we leave to them?

* Girl and boy holding the windmill: Gender equality. Girls and boys both have equal rights, equal power.

* Heart: Life

* Film reel and film roll: Tools for capturing a story in a pictorial format.

I am a girl. I am a boy. I am a spirit.
I am powerful thus you are too.
I come to you with no name or color.
We play together on the stage called life.
We enact our roles and with a little effort even touch someone’s soul.