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films for humanity

by Maral Minassian

Having previously worked on a project about the trafficking and abuse of domestic help in the middle east and how awareness campaigns can be created to make a similar issue known to local NGOs, I can only feel motivated to creating a logo for the United Nation’s Documentary Film Festival. Bearing in mind that the festival screens films that deal with global humanitarian issues, I created this logo, which is an abstract representation of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Whether implying poverty or hunger, maternal health of women empowerment, aids or education, child mortality or environmental sustainability, the logo is made up of a very small amount of black which represents the sad reality of the issues stated above compared to a large amount of fresh greens and blues that imply hope and the very work and efforts of the United Nations in eradicating poverty, combating aids and all improvement methods that the organization applies to help the world. These colors are joined together shaping a film (film being the medium that captures and produces motion pictures), which in turn constitutes the shape of a heart implying two things:
• The emotional desire to help humanity with their hardest miseries
• The love for film in particular and art in general where both play an immense role in unveiling serious humanitarian issues that trigger the world to help