STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Stories From The Field

by Christian QuirĂ³s

This logo represents the human . What it seems to be the head is the representation of the world. The used colors go from the blue light to blue not very dark. Our planet imagines from the space like a small drop of water. He is one of the most popular colors in the logo composition since it is associate to seriousness, the professionalism, the elegance, the confidence, the security and the authority. Celestial: It is a color that produces a sensation of tranquillity, purity, peace and neutrality. Behind this abstract figure is a film negative, which represents the festival. I have used in this occasion the black color, because it produces a sensation of elegance, seriousness, commitment, distinction and boldness. This color generates a blue resistance with and the celestial one of the figure. The typography "Stories from the field" is of white, representative color of the purity and vitality. It is the color that represents calm, peace and energy. The vowel "and" of the word "Stories" on leaves the others and is of a different typography. Besides to reflect a little more aesthetic, she represents all those human beings who we were in a constant fight by a better world for us and those that come behind us. In addition, it is symbol of which all we are different and that each one of us we can make the difference. The geometric figure that represented by the negative of the film is symbol of solidity and confidence.