STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Communicating Impression by Insight

by David Dwight Holly

STORIES FROM THE FIELD – United Nations Documentary Film Festival

Contemporary word- / image-sign, which consists of two main levels, symbolizing the world (stylized as field in the color of earths soil) and the screen (16:9 – cinema or tv, held in a light blue grey). Both mainlayers are distorted in a different perspective to clarify the dimension of space and time in reality and in motion picture.
As a dynamical result of cross overlapping the two layers, "grounded reality and screened film", we receive an intersection, which represents the in between of both.

This represents a third level, where the audience is able to create their own personal view on what happens out on the planet. A Documentation is supposed to be an objective perspective on reality, which is recognizable by using the same color for the festivals title as for the soil, thereby we receive a tensious relation between same colored elements.
In Addition the impression of an insight occurs. The idea is to create a suitable catchy imagery, which is simple, perspicuous, clear, discreed and loud simultaneously. Recognizable, inconvenient but close.

The type of font which is used, seems to be contained-neutral, not to extroverted but with a strong stand, which ought to demonstrate reliability and firmness in conjunction of the common context.