STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Peacemaking Tool

by Joelle Oh
Co-authors: Sung Jin Oh


Embodying the festival title as a main part of the icon was a key design strategy for both the graphic simplicity of the logo and the visual character of the documentary film festival in today’s world dominated by digital media.

A brush-stroked outline is the elementary icon of a camera, which binds the primary title, “stories from the field”, set in courier font, the typeface used on manual typewriters. Together they bring a resonance of manual tools, brush and typewriter; one traditionally employed by visual artists, and the other by writers.
With a subtle juxtaposition between “hand-drawn” verses “typed”, the icon is to evoke hands-on quality of making documentary film as both aesthetic artwork and truth-telling journalism dedicated for “global humanitarian and human right issues.”

The secondary title, “the united nations documentary film festival”, anchors the icon above in red, and linking with the primary title as true text.