STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Stories from the Field logo : {Public Design Center}

by Clifton Burt
Co-authors: Public Design Center

We set out to create a mark that captures the spirit of this important film festival. We wanted to capture a mark that is instantly recognizable, distinctive, and lasting. We want to creat an emotional connection with the viewer.

The elements are made for simplicity and flexibility across print, film, and web media. The mark consists of a film reel wrapped in the universally recognized United Nations laurels. The typeface is Gotham.

The placement of the elements is very flexible and can be adjusted to suit almost production, content, and layout needs. Presented are a few examples including vertical, horizontal, "winner", icon & title, icon / title / secondary information.

The Public Design Center is a Mississippi-based non-profit graphic design studio. We solely work with sustainable development projects. We are honored to submit our work to Stories From The Field: The United Nations Documentary Film Festival.