STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details


by Maziar Mahmid

The logo is a communicative piece of design that clearly represents the key elements to the upcoming festival:

1. Using the UN mark shows the festival’s association with them; which is crucial as all the films must reflect one or more of the eight UN Millenium Development Goals.
2. Showing the RGB (red, green, blue) circles instantly conveys the idea of screen based media especially filming thus documentaries.

The films that are screened from all over the world show progress and report on events and outcomes which aren’t immediately available or known by the public at large; thus the combination of the two icons in the logo sit together to represent an ‘eye’.

An ‘eye’ to another side of the world; an ‘eye’ into the Millennium Development Goals.

This eye concept is represented in the ident animation; the eye blinks and has so much information to give that it explodes into the RGB circles. The focus is in-and-out to illustrate that it is all filmed on location and anything can happen: ‘stories from the field’.