STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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The film camera

by ritinha
Co-authors: Claudio Cruz, Tiago Cartageno, Ivan Almeida, Sara Silva, Marcia Pinto, Mariana Aguiar

The challenge presents itself in a very pleasent way,to design a logo connected to the United Nations is a fullfilling process.The documentary film festival is indeed a way to bring the global scenario to the first world civilized countries and touch the mind and feelings of conscious people.
An organization such as the United Nations represents what it is best about mankind and therefore the logo should relate to the idea of a togetherness of humanity and the Millennium Development Goals .
Being regarding a documentary film festival the logo has to be a “catchy” image that causes an impact on the viewer.

The design contemplates two parts as asked: one icon representing the spirit of the event and the denomination of the festival.
The logo is a representation of a film camera containing the world stories. It was created in a very simple and concise way. We picked a film element, represented by the camera and We 've related it to the symbol of the place we live in, the world globe. This camera contains all the stories worth telling and it is ready to show it to mankind.

We have used a sober typography which allows to the reader a clear and efficient reading. We´ve also created a typographic composition to add dynamism to the overall logo.
We decided to use the blue colour because we thought it would give more importance and credibility to associate it with the colours of the United Nations. The blue colour is also related to our blue planet and it has a peaceful psychological meaning.

This is a easily recognizible design with a clear connection to the theme of the festival and at the same time with the organizations that developed it.