STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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A flower and its roots.

by Mark Lawrence Ong
Co-authors: Wresthi H Raras

Film strips signify the roots. Different film strips, different views, different beliefs, different languages, different films.

A flower in full bloom, resting on a calm field. A result of unifying all that is different into a flourishing flower with 8 petals - the world as we wish it to be.


This logo attempts to embody a belief that has been around for a very long time: forget all our differences and unite to build an ideal world.

The roots are illustrated as film strips, which directly relate to the festival. These film strips are displayed in different shades of brown, seeking to symbolize all the humanitarian and human rights issues that people are suffering from: gender, religion, skin, just to name the least.

The festival title is what holds the roots (below) and the flower (above), therefore this festival is what we hope will bring all these differences together. Centered and bold, the title stands out.

The festival, as we believe will bring people close together and share countless stories, will emerge into a flower, peaceful with its green petals. Eight petals simply reflect the Millennium Development Goals. The flower is a universal symbol of beauty, happiness and openness (again, to name a few) - and this is what we hope to accomplish.