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Nurturing Cultures Under ONE ROOF

by nizsanta

The film festival by UN, features humanism & cultural films to be screened under one roof, so accordingly my concept of the logo design got its inspiration from this very thought...

My logo, states that the festival involves the assimilation of global people from vivid communities & cultures, come underneath one roof, for showcasing the humanism & goodness prevalent around..

the pathway of spheres is the, symbol to show that the big world made small, inside the cultural home, having different people from different cultures. These communities are represented by the different colors in the logo. The title, obviously has been given, more stature & emphasis.The tag line follows below.

The pathway of spheres also, shows the skeleton of a hardworking common man from anywhere, around the world. Actually, the festival itself celebrates the common, ordinary people of the world.....

The overall representation depicts, imagination & thought process behind the film festival.