STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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::: voice within :::

by Giorgia Pizzola
Co-authors: matitegiovanotte.ravenna

Starting from a simple, otpimistic and clear idea that we are what we do (and not last what we eat too), the logo represents what a human being can do with his wisdom, skills and knowledge.

The logo has been structured following two main concepts:
- The watercolur illustration shows our wonderful world "used" as a foundamental resource. The illustration (in watercolour, simple and materic) shows that everything we need, conceptually and phisically, it's from Planet Earth.

- There is a frame which represents, in general, cinema and movies, in particular the professional work of producing films, documentaries and video clips.

Classical Art (watercolour) and technology (computergraphics, cinema) can improve our Conscience, the voice within and consequently speak loud our intent.

Depending of the media used, the logo has different colour applications like C.YK, 2 colours and gray scale.