STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Camera One

by Jefferson Rall

This logo idea came from thinking about how a film festival, put on by the United Nations, would differentiate itself among other, more well known and commercialized film festivals.

The UN's Millennium goals have raised the level of commitment to issues that many countries and governments can not ignore anymore – in that they bring to light the reality that it will take a global community to truly change the human suffering in places that seem to invite conflict, decease and hunger.

The difference with this film festival is that "Stories From The Field" represents that human condition, documented for the purpose of changing the lives of the subjects it represents, and of the viewer.

This logo tries to represent the film festival first, exhibiting a classic camera silhouette.
The art of film and the dramatic stories this grand medium can deliver are indeed the reason for the film festival. But never far away is the human plight, represented by the crutch – barring witness to human suffering and perhaps telling a story all it's own, calling us all to meet these challenges head on, from wherever we sit and whatever our story.