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Stories from the Field

by +jkb

The inspiration for the design of this logo came from a personal feeling of what documentaries should be. The focus of the documentaries at this film festival are to affect us emotionally into how we feel about the happenings in the world around us.
Therefore, the logo should also draw us in via the same emotions.

From the view of the documentary makers, although the aim of their bodies of work is get a message across, or reveal details on a pressing issue to the world, they are very much a personal product. They are projects that the filmmakers will hold very dear to their heart, and feel very strongly about the subject being documented. They are often rough, grainy and gritty final products, but throughout it all, the message is delivered firmly and to the point.

The logo therefore must in a way get across the feel of a documentary. This design is both gritty and rough, yet reveal that behind it all there is a clear message. That what is revealed within these films is a message we should, and hopefully will care very strongly about.