STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details


by Vieri Castaldi

Designing this Logo was a great challenge for me as I tried to consider from the beginning not only its graphic aspect but, first of all, the meaning it should communicate. After being familiarized with the contest requests I have started to draft some proposes.
The Logo I present is composed of eight pens disposed in a circle and pointing a common core.
The choice of this symbol (a pen) was strictly connected to its rich meaning and to its intrinsic power. With a simple pen you can write a story, a letter, a protest, a denounce, your opinion/voice, you can sign a document and even a national/international treaty. The pen has the power to perpetuate something…and “Stories” are usually written before going on screen!
Eight pens symbolize the eight Millennium Goals which the films submitted to the festival must refer to. These eight pens point at a common centre that can be seen as a common goal - the humanitarian wellbeing.
The result is a simple form, a flower, symbol of hope.
As underlined in the Brief of this contest, the Logo should represent the Festival rather than the organizations that present it. Even being aware of this requirement I chose to use the United Nations colours – blue and white - because I thought these colours would enhance the Logo communication as they are often used in other humanitarian organizations.