STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details

Tell the World

by Kakuei Araral

The concept behind my entry "Tell the World" is simple. I designed the film camera icon to make it as friendly, open and accessible as possible symbolizing the goals of the festival.

The festival title "Stories from the Field" is inside this icon. The typography has a young, raw but vibrant feel reflecting the addition of a new special category for the new generation of filmmakers.

I solved the challenge of setting the type in three lines with the word "the" spilling over the camera "lens". This represents the screening of the stories to a global audience through the festival.

The full version with the title "The United Nations Documentary Film Festival" was set in two lines at the base of the icon to support and strengthen the over-all design. The typography is traditional to represent the organizations and the established filmmakers that form the vital link to the festival's roots.

Finally, the colors used are consistent with the standard colors of the United Nations to further reinforce and build the organization's brand.