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Suzannah Mathur Stories_Field logo entry

by Suzannah Mathur

Documentary films are meant to reveal and uncover information to bring it to the general public’s attention. In the case of the ‘Stories from the Field’ festival, the information that is revealed surrounds the topic of the UN’s eight Millennium Development Goals. This logo’s aim is to abstractly represent the concept of ‘revealing information’ and opening figurative doors to the general public in regards to this topic. Each colored square represents one of the eight Millennium Development Goals goals. Bright, uplifting colors were chosen to indicate a positive future and outlook regarding these goals, contrasting against a dark past and present. At the same time, the colored squares also open or give way to white space, representing a door or gateway to the future of achieving these goals. The square and rectangle shapes were chosen to represent the geometric nature of filmstrips and negatives, yet maintaining the abstract nature of the logo. Overall, the logo is meant to encompass the uplifting nature of a film festival, while simultaneously communicating the serious nature of the festival’s topic.