STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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hear our world

by kenix25

This is precisely the moment of culmination in which logo produced. At a definite application from the key concept, in conformity with the requirements and functional prerequisites of the festival, in a way that incorporates the environment and responds to a set of perpetually redefined in influences in allowing a logo to emerge from the “global humanitarian and human rights issues”, one that embodies its own singular aesthetic.
The overall logo conveys something of overwhelming quality obviously of the spatial worlds in the documentary films. The film's guide line dedicated on the inside to unambiguous symbolize the eight UN Millennium Development Goals.
Its basic color scheme associate of idea with environmental while simultaneously forming zones of differing densities that depend upon communications values of global.
The helicoids symbolize that the films screened have been gathered and submitted from all over the world. The festival is able to screen the films to audiences all over the world. The spiral area becomes a dynamic space whose impact emphasizes the vastness of the spatial impression of the festival while going beyond the functional aspect. The helicoids shell as a protection to the environment and human rights. The commencement of the helicoids shows the authorities carry The Millennium Development Goals through the interplay of the stories from the field festival to the end. The formation of hermetic, semitransparent, as well as transparent zones are bonded together to achieve the goals. This is achieved through variable assembly options which make it possible to take into consideration the spontaneous preferences of global public and develop global partnership for development.