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A word in your eye

by Rob Sawkins

The best tales are those that get passed on, circulating like the very air we breath; be it during casual conversation over the water-cooler or earnest pre-dinner tales before the wine has made us relax. But to join the exclusive club of The Traveling Tale, a story must have embody certain attributes.

Certainly our story must entertain. Or inform. Or perhaps (as is more often in the really good stories) both, weaving descriptive purple passages with solid facts that we know only too well, having been there and "sweated the details" firsthand.

This gets tales only so far. To achieve grace it must also be elegant, simple and well-crafted. Any sharp edges will snag our presentation and break the spell we hope to weave over interlocutors. And there's no point dressing it in an ill-considered style. No, a story develops it's unique shape through trial and error – by shaping in the hands of wordsmiths and wags before developing a life of it's own – reflecting and reinforcing what we "hear with our own eyes."

It is these qualities that we hope to have brought to the logotype presented herewith. As all stories are open to different interpretation, so is the order of the colored circles moving around the film spool. And finally our logotype is engaging in it's use of type and at the same time easy-to-read. After all, we can't pass on what we don't understand.