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Drop film

by Jacinto Salcedo

The logo integrates typography and icon meanings. The three layers suggest films strip, and there are letters being shown behind them (like the stories arising), then the dot in the “i” represents a sequential of two moments: before and after dropping.

This logo has three versions with the drop in red (blood), blue (water) and green (sap). Those three colors are as well the primary colors: RGB.

Blood is the precious liquid that keeps us alive. Loosing blood (like a drop, for instance) is loosing life and that is a complaint shown in most documentary films. In the Millennium Development Goals from the United Nations the concerns about health, mortality and poverty issues is an asset.

Water is the vital liquid and a mayor concern for the future: the access to clean water. Quality water is synonymous of health, food and development.

Sap, as the “blood of trees” is the liquid that represent the commitment with ecology and environmental sustainability.