STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Stories From The Field festival - logotype

by shawkash

To collect international and easy to understand symbols and iconographies, and choose some of them that can mix to create a new symbol.

The symbol should communicate on a universal and global basis, to those who are interested in films.

It considers that those who have a busy day and whose lives are crowded with the many logos of our visual culture, should feel it clean and simple, and have the capacity to same them time ( easy to be recognized, easy to be read. )

The sign:
It mixes 3 symbols:
. A sign on videotape recorders and other tape recorders. It means play and indicates the control button for playing a movie.

. The square in a horizontal-vertical position is an expression of the two dimensions that constitute a surface. Basically it means field.

. The iconography of the stick man, that is the simplest form of artistic drawing for human that most people in globe can draw, children, or adults.

This sign is created to symbolize our need to communicate using the movie channel with our humanistic part.

The Typography:
2 layouts for the logo and text, one for vertical use, and the other for horizontal and equal uses.

The typesetting is Frutiger, which works fine on screens, and print.

The sign is easy to remember, easy to be recognized.
The sign has been cut equally in horizontal and vertical to show how it could be recongizeable after first time one sees it.


Grey: Is an even color, works fine with white background. Normally grey, black and white based iconographies are the best to communicate in showing the melancholy aspect of these subjects.

Orange: A warm color to add an awareness factor to the logo, which is why there is a festival in first place.