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Sore eyes

by Frank Li

I started by identifying the whole notion of the festival as an act of “seeing” these critical issues surrounding us. Issues that require mass attention as a starting point and then cultivate care for. I took this idea of “seeing” further by visualizing people’s reactions towards each issues during the festival with their eyes wide open, hence they will be needing eye drops to refresh their eye sights. That’s why I came up with an icon literally representing an eye drop container, placing it on top of “stories” because that’s the part where you get sore eyes as you become emotionally immersed with these global humanitarian and human rights issues.

It also works as a whole once you relate, “seeing” to the extent of getting sore eyes and needing eye drops because not many people are exposed to these issues enough, and not enough people sees the world as they really are. So the eye drops idea becomes a metaphor as to just how necessary it is for people to start understanding and becoming involved with these issues.