STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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UN Film Festival Logo

by Roberto Bruzzese

This logotype demonstrates precisely the awareness and drive of the United Nations. The triangle characters represent a community; Using two colors, the logo tries to create a harmony and contrast with the division color on the two sides. The triangles create a shutter "film" effect at the same time creates 8 sections following the UN's guides. I choose a Rockwell for the main typeface because it could be varied in styles but more importantly gave the feeling of “from the field” from its journalistic styled serifs. The subtitle was set in a condensed Helvetica Neue to create simplicity, and it was lightened to give the main title more prominence.

This logotype using simplicity, contrast and depth represents the core values of the United Nations and the film festival. Through its harmony, an iconographic image is created that can be easily remembered and universal in all publishing efforts.