STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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by the nad

The core elements are the two symbols in the black circles, the rainbow projection, speech bubble and the festival title. It is at once simple enough to not distract from the content of posters and web-campaigns and also full of meaning.

The festival is all about expressing the unique stories of scattered, diverse communities. The theme of communication is literally the device that drives the creation of the film: the visual movement from the red speech bubble (indicating the urgency of the message) to the rainbow being projected represents the discussions around the issues and the need for discussion to happen first. In total, there are 8 circles. These represent the UN’s 8 Millennium Goals, with two of the most pressing highlighted by the female symbol and the ribbon (kept white here for balance in the image but universally recognised to be AIDS and other priority health issues). The black circles are thus given prominence and represent a projector's spools.

The rainbow projection conveys a number of things: the expression of a brighter tomorrow through communication today; the spectacular visual experience of the festival; and the diverse stories of the festival.

The main message of all the elements combined is that communication is the catalyst for real, sustainable change, driven by the UN’s Goals and evidenced by the festival itself and the commitment of those that created the documentaries. It portrays a brighter, more united and colourful future.

The festival title is clear and easily legible, even when very small. The ‘filmstrip’ device also makes the content of the festival expressly clear.

The logo is very recognisable, attractive and conveys the ideals of the festival symbolically – a festival centred of diversity needs a logo that translates these ideals visually and across cultures and languages.