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Storied from the Field Logo

by nkelly

In searching for the appropriate symbol for Stories from the Field, I found so in the dandelion. This tiny flower is in fact one of superior strength. The strength of the dandelion lies within the roots, which penetrate so deeply into the soil, that the foundation of the flower is virtually indestructible. This indestructible nature has allowed the dandelion to break through foreign barriers, adapting itself to unfamiliar territory so that it may spread seeds of its own. And it is these seeds that show the true symbolic beauty of the dandelion. Floating away from the silhouetted field, the seeds drift gracefully, carried on by the winds of change. Wherever they may land, each has the power within itself to change its surroundings by planting seeds of its own signifying the power of communication. Starting with a strong root, the power of visual communication, we can make the world aware and empower others with the knowledge to make a difference. One tiny flower is the start of a beautiful field.