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Stories from the Field: Earthfield

by Piotr Podomarof
Co-authors: Mateusz Jastrzebski

OK, so now our goal is to describe The Festival Project. First of all, we have a man with a movie camera standing on a field covered with four colors, each one symbolizing one human race; those are also colors of cereals. Camera carried by the man is situated in his right hand, and it’s covering his body right on the place of a heart; this man is, in fact, each of the filmmakers presenting their movies at the festival - his silhouette represents sensitivity and opening on all of the today problems. Camera’s color is white because it’s connected with clarity and sharp view on the issues.
Those symbols are drawn in the shape of our planet. It means that whole wide world is in fact one great field cultivated by people – Earth is the greatest field in the Universe. Main color in this project is blue – major color of the United Nations and a sign of hope.
We decided to use very simple font type to keep the logo clear and readable. Font color is taken from main part of graphic sign – both those things make consistent entirety.
Using only six basic colors and simple graphics makes this project readable, transparent and easy to print.